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Anonymous asked: So this one time I was so 'in love' with this boy. we started talking and then he was like who do you like? I said why does that matter and he goes will I like your best friend and I'm just being nice to you so you'll talk about me to her. Then they started dating like seriously some best friend you were. She knew how much I liked him and still decided to date him.


#ShittyBestFriendAlert every best friend who is not an uncultured jar of expired mayonnaise know that you do not date a guy that your bff likes unless you say its ok or you want to ruin your friendship xx

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You make me smile.
you’ve made me cry.
You work exceptionally hard
You’re actually a really amazing guy.

Everything about you,
the eyes,voice,and hair
but what I love the most,
Is that your always there.

Through good or bad
that how we will be
you work so so hard,
but always make time…


I hate when people say that because sometimes it’s not that way.

Having a guy best friend is awesome… Until you find yourself falling in love with him.

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reasons why having a guy as your best friend sucks:

  1. no sleepovers
  2. he loves when you talk about stuff he likes…
  3. … but hates when you want to talk about anything else
  4. he will ignore 1 out of every 3 texts
  5. you become mom, friend, sister, bro, and stand-in girlfriend
  6. all at once
  7. oh did i…

Rest in peace.

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