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"I am short, fat, and proud of that, and so with all my might" –Pooh

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Does anybody have to cut their dresses and pants shorter just so you can fit into them?


you know you’re short when you’ve racked up enough points/spent enough money getting pants hemmed at the alteration place to get a coupon… 


I hate jeggings that fit like everywhere except your knees like they’re way too baggy and look silly

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I honestly give up, by the time I get shirts to fit my fat ass they end up looking like fucking mini dresses… -.-

"Sometimes I have an outfit in mind, and then I remember I’m not as thin as Cara Delevingne, so then I’m like, ‘Never mind I’ll just wear sweats.’"

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Short Girl Problems
all the time…..

I’m done. I have not grown in 2 years…… not since the summer in between 7th and 8th grade 

I hate shopping.


I fucking hate being short. I fucking hate being fun sized. I hate being small with big boobs, that get in the way of everything. I fucking hate that every time I go shopping I can never find things that fit…I hate shopping with my mother, because all she does is complain and doesn’t even help….

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I hate when my mom buys me clothes that are two sizes too big and says “I’ll grow into them”. I am 5’1 and 16 years old I’m not growing into anything, anytime soon

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Short Girl Problems.

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evidently I’ll still be overweight at my goal weight.

I fucking hate being short.